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Masaya Nicaragua

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Masaya, the cradle of Folklore, Culture and Tradition are the biggest Nicaraguan cultural artistic expressions of our country, treasures and cultural heritage of Nicaragua .

In addition to being one of the most arts and crafts city, also offers a wide range of activities, from adventure that can live in Masaya Volcano National Park, which is an active volcano, or visit the ancient fortress El Coyotepe, nightlife is another attractive as there are many bars, discos and restaurants offering fun. .

The beauty Eocene is present in the Masaya Lagoon and Apoyo which consists of the largest crater lake in the country and its high slopes that surround and in some sectors of the forest preserve. On the coast there are some restaurants, hotels and venues that offer options for kayaking, diving or swimming.

''Warlocks People" are the perfect places to visit and learn about Nicaraguan culture, how the people live and where they work. These are the picturesque towns of Catarina and San Juan de Oriente.

The first has many varied plant lodgest is in your beautiful town, besides the two viewpoints: that of the city, where there are craft shops, restaurants and more, and the Diriomito, with restaurants and a tennis paragliders. The nearby, San Juan de Oriente is a land of artisans, where there are shops and shops with a huge range of shapes and colors.

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